Persimmon leaf sushi – Kita kamakura (Japan)

Japanese sense of beauty

“Persimmon leaf sushi” – Kita kamakura (Japan)

(Movie + Text )


The famous persimmon leaf sushi made in Nara uses fresh green leaves,
but here in Kamakura we use the colored leaves of autumn.

Autumn is the time of year when the rice is freshly harvested
and the fish we use in this sushi is at its best,
so our persimmon leaf sushi not only represents autumn
it aiso is a gourmet treat.

I am told the leaves contain an antibacterial element
that helps to maintain freshness. …..


I just am passing on the tradition.  
makiko INOUE


Director : 川瀬美香 / mika KAWASE

Edit : 大重裕二 /  yuji Oshige

Music : 明星 / Akeboshi